Dee Hubbard: Bear-proof? Nope


Now, about this bear problem. I've done on-site research.

Last October, I toured our neighborhood early in the morning before trash pickup. By the time I saw him in action, a bear had scored hits on three trash containers. Two of the containers were of the much-lauded wildlife-proof variety, one of which was mauled beyond further use.

The reality is that if the container is light enough that a puny human can trundle it to the curb without a forklift, it isn't bear-proof. Obviously, the bears aren't getting the message about what they aren't supposed to break into. Or maybe they just like a challenge.

To study the problem further, we need a citizens committee with representation from the local bear community. And, before the human inhabitants here shell out $1 million for ineffective trash containers, maybe the City Council should engage a bear control expert to evaluate container suitability.

An educational program designed to better inform the bears also would be helpful. They should at least be fined $100 every time they violate a wildlife-proof container.

Dee Hubbard

Steamboat Springs


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