Ski town silliness

They're not laughing at us, they're laughing in front of us


It doesn't take much digging to find something to make fun of in Steamboat Springs.

Between our small-town political controversies and the personalities who perpetuate them, all that the writers of "Ski Town Skits: A Pirate Home Companion" had to do was change the spelling of a few names and the joke was afoot.

The latest installment from Pirate Productions leaves no sacred cows.

"Make fun of just one thing?" producer Brian Harvey asked. "If you have an opinion, we will pick on you."

"A Pirate Home Companion" was written as a takeoff on the popular National Public Radio show. Our version features host Harrison Kneeler, played by Harvey. Kneeler leads the audience in and out of three skits and a few classic Pirate Theatre songs just like his inspiration for the character, Garrison Keillor, does on "Prairie Home Companion."

Those familiar with Pirate Theatre will recognize songs such as "You Don't Lose Your Girlfriend, You Just Lose Your Turn" and "Sausage Party." Otherwise, the story is entirely new.

Instead of our usual cast of ski bums and ne'er-do-wells, this season's storyline includes "The Yampranos." Two families -- the Troutalinis and the Tubarellis -- battle about the fate of the Yampa River in a spoof of our current political situation.

"It's totally stereotypical and absurd, but it's funny," Harvey said.

Harrison Kneeler also will lead the audience into a We're Not Clowns skit, written for mature audiences.

"There's some good potty humor in this one," Harvey said.

Those used to seeing the juggling troupe around town at parties and festivals will enjoy this alternative to their traditional routine. Tonight on stage, We're Not Clowns will face their arch nemesis, Jean Dys the Magical French Magician, played by Malcolm Goble.

They fight over the Clown's lovely assistant, played by Gina Wither.

But the highlight of the evening will take place in the form of a parodied City Council meeting, complete with all your favorite local politicos.

"It's just a meeting in progress," Harvey said. "If you can use the word 'progress.'

"It's all local humor and a good way to end the season, laughing at ourselves."


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