Meth bust results in arrests


Steamboat Springs police arrested two Denver residents on suspicion of multiple methamphetamine-related charges after a traffic stop Sunday.

Jamison Fjoser, 30, and Bryanna Mitts, 19, were arrested on suspicion of possession of a Schedule 2 substance, possession with intent to distribute and manufacturing of a Schedule 2 substance, Sgt. Nick Bosick said. Other charges are pending.

At about 12:45 p.m., a 1995 black Ford Bronco was pulled over by police at the Southside Station gas and convenience store east of downtown Steamboat. Police became suspicious of the vehicle because its front license plate didn't match its rear license plate, Bosick said. Neither plate was registered to the vehicle.

Fjoser, the driver of the vehicle, had outstanding warrants for his arrest. A subsequent search of the vehicle uncovered various chemicals and other substances and tools commonly used to manufacture methamphetamine.

"They more or less had a meth lab in their vehicle," Bosick said.

Police officers, with the assistance of GRAMNET officers, also confiscated an unknown amount of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, including syringes.

GRAMNET officers wearing hazardous materials suits handled all of the substances and processed the scene because of the highly toxic and explosive nature of methamphetamine chemicals and ingredients, Bosick said. Steamboat Springs Fire Rescue also responded to the scene.

The gas station and convenience store remained open throughout the hours-long investigation. Police officers trained in methamphetamine busts determined that the vehicle and what it contained didn't pose any threats to Southside Station patrons.

"What they saw did not represent any sort of danger as far as explosions," Bosick said. "I think the guys did an excellent job. They made all the right decisions."

Denver agents of the Drug Enforcement Agency were en route to Steamboat late Sunday afternoon to confiscate the chemicals, containers and other items recovered during the arrest. The DEA will destroy the confiscated materials, Bosick said.


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