Sound Off for March 27


Off the mark

Father Kevin King's article last Sunday is self-serving and off the mark. Education, even thinking, is detrimental to the real purpose of organized religion. All they do is control the "masses." It is all a matter of us vs. them, which serves as a breeding ground for conflict. Organized religions oppose the concept of oneness. Yet it is oneness that has been constantly stressed by the founders of most religions. In 1993, a national survey of religious identification showed that only 10 percent of Baptists have a college degree, compared with 49 percent of Unitarians, 46 percent of Jews, etc. It is a matter of education and intelligence.

Drop the issue

I'm just getting a little tired of you dragging the Bible issue through the paper. Get onto some more interesting and important issues, such as world politics. But, as far as the Bible, people who want a religious education have the freedom of going into private schools. Get the Bible out of public schools.

Broader view

Students learning religious history in school is fine as long as many views are presented. Teaching about the Bible alone is not only something that I find against our country's separation of church and state policy, but also furthers the reputation that this town has for being close minded. If there is a class that is to be offered, I hope that we are intelligent enough to offer students a chance to look at all religions beliefs (or texts) and make their own choices.

Keep Bible out

No, a Bible class should not be taught at the high school. If anything, a history class exposing students to different world religions would be appropriate -- and might even promote more tolerance -- but taxpayer dollars should not be used to fund promotion of one religion. Besides, until the Steamboat Springs School District can demonstrate that it is truly doing a good job of teaching our kids the basics such as math and science, why are we discussing spending our school dollars on religion?

Police problems

Here we go again. The police chief of Oak Creek resigns after less than four months on the job. The residents are entitled to have a police force to be here when they are needed. Is this administration missing something? Is it their decisions that are keeping the town from having a police department? I understand that money is an issue. Does it make sense to deny $5,000 that the police chief asked for because he didn't stay? Does it make sense to pay Officer Koile $8,000 more when she's been on the job less than a year? What's wrong with this picture? Somebody needs to wake up.

Bad building

This is about the property at 601 Lincoln Ave. Having lived and worked at the Nite's Rest Motel, I'm interested in what happens at that property. I hope the massive, domineering building pictured in the March 20 Pilot & Today will not be the end result. It certainly does not fit the character of Steamboat Springs. In fact, the picture reminds me of the industrial buildings on Walnut Street in Denver. Maybe an architect with more sensitivity to the Western theme can come up with a building that looks like it always belonged in Steamboat.

Focus on three R's

As a taxpayer in this community, I would like to see the Steamboat Springs school system devote class time to reading, writing, arithmetic and the basics, and leave teaching religion to the very qualified churches in this valley.


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