On scene for March 25


Giant Rhombus coming?

Just spreading rumors here, but word on the St. Patrick's Day circuit has it that drummer Eric Schuemann, formerly of Bill Smith, is making his way back west from Michigan. If rumors are true, he will be moving to Denver with his new band, Giant Rhombus. Watch for Giant Rhombus to appear someday on a Steamboat stage. No other news.

Poetry for the masses

Nicolette Powell at Off the Beaten Path Bookstore is collecting poetry for an anthology of local writers' work. As many as three pieces from each writer will be included. Entries will be accepted through April, which happens to be National Poetry Month. The results will be published and sold as a local poetry anthology.

Poems should be submitted to the bookstore as a hard copy, not on disc.

"We are hoping to get the proceeds back to the writers," Powell said. "I'm not sure how, but probably during mud season we will have a party for the writers. We don't mean to make money from this. We just want to honor our local talent." Call 879-6830.

A transient says goodbye

Like many transients who come and go in a season, Dwain Christian has come and gone. He wrote a farewell letter: "I had a great time there this year. I love that town. I love the way the locals at the Old Town Pub at the end of the bar "adopted" me and made me feel at home even though I was not one of them. I loved the way Wilson could sit there for three hours, drink beer and not speak a word some nights. When he did say something, it was always funny. The way Ray would ask me to go up with him even though I kept telling him that he was 10 times the skier than I was a snowboarder. The way Carl would come in and always look at me suspiciously at first, like I was the one who thumped him, then have a few drinks and settle down.

"I loved the free bus.

"I loved the way a person's dog can come into a bar or cafe and is welcome.

"However, I do not want to bring you down, but things are going to change there. There is too much development. So I will enjoy it while I can."

-- Autumn Phillips


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