Cynthia Drust Cynthia Drust: Study all religion


It's about time.

I think the teachings of Jesus, the Bible and all its history should be taught in our public schools. As well, the peaceful teachings of Hinduism and of the great courage of Mahatma Gandhi should be taught.

The gentle wisdom of Buddhism should be examined, along with the thoughtful perspective of the Dalai Lama.

The ancient Chinese religion of Confucianism and its respect for ancestors should be studied.

So should the simple elegance of Lao Tzu and the teachings of Taoism.

Students also should get the chance to really read and understand the great religion of Judaism and its historical implications.

The real hot button, of course, would be the rich teachings of Islam and its millions and millions of passionate followers.

Heaven forbid we should start to understand and tolerate all beliefs.

Cynthia Drust



cynthiads 9 years ago

I really have no general comments about the piece, but I am bewildered that someone else shares the name I grew up with. The Drust name is not too popular, and I have googled my name in the past, with basic results. This is the first time I am coming across it from another person. Well, good luck to you!


424now 9 years ago

I have a comment.

It is not only a good idea for Americans, at this point in time, to study the religions you mention, it is imperative!

We are now entering the global village, watch your step.

There are a whole bunch of people who believe something completely different than you do. They work for their money and love their children in much the same way you do. Some are even more demonstrative of their staunch ideology than you are. That doesn't mean they want to wipe you out.

Not all are a direct threat to your safety. Wouldn't it be a good thing expand your understanding of your friends as well as your enemies? The internet is a wonderful thing. Go forth! Look into the nooks and crannies of the ol' www.

And for heavens sake take the more outrageous claims with a grain of salt. Remember this is a research mission.

I warn you now, you will find the crackpots. You will also come across the most dangerous of the faithful. The Zealot. It is to be understood that a zealot is not the best representation of any given religion. The are zealots in every faith. They are the lunatic fringe. Not to be taken seriously.


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