Men suspected of drug violations

Officers reportedly find cocaine, marijuana plants in home


Three men were arrested Thursday after officers found cocaine, marijuana and small marijuana plants in their rental home.

Acting on a tip that marijuana was being grown in the home at 39805 W. Ridge Road near Milner, Routt County Sheriff's deputies and GRAMNET task force members investigated Thursday afternoon.

Max Gates Chase, James Braden Kahn and Axel Briggs Stewart, all age 20, were arrested on suspicion of various drug-possession charges.

At about 5:30 p.m. Thursday, officers conducted a "knock and talk," Undersheriff Dan Taylor said, speaking with the three male renters who lived in the home. During that time, the officers saw things, including a bong and marijuana sitting on a coffee table and small plants that one roommate showed them growing in a closet, that led them to get a search warrant for a more thorough investigation of the home.

According to police reports, during the initial interviews with the men, Kahn first told officers that he got rid of the plants, but then took an officer upstairs, where he showed him small plants being grown in a closet. When the officer later advised Kahn of his Miranda rights, Kahn said that he was unaware the officer was a policeman, and that he wouldn't have shown him the plants if he had known. He then said the plants were tomato plants, not marijuana, according to police reports.

Stewart and Chase told officers that they knew about the marijuana plants and that the plants had been in their house for about a month.

When officers got the search warrant, they conducted a more thorough search of the home.

In what appeared to be Chase's bedroom, based on a restaurant receipt found in it, officers found in a nightstand a bag containing 42 grams of a white, powdery substance and a blue plate and plastic grocery discount card that had the same substance on them, according to police reports. Field tests positively identified the substance as cocaine.

In a bedroom that apparently belonged to Kahn, based on identification documents found in it, officers reportedly found a bong and three smoking pipes with marijuana residue in them and an inhaling device with cocaine residue in it.

In what appeared to be Stewart's bedroom, officers reportedly found a bag of marijuana and a pipe with marijuana residue in it.

In a coat that Chase said belonged to Kahn, officers found a bag of cocaine and a bag of marijuana.

Chase reportedly told officers that the bag of cocaine found in his nightstand was worth about $650 and had come from out of state. He also reportedly said he tried to sell the cocaine but couldn't find a buyer.

Chase was arrested on suspicion of possession of cocaine and possession with the intent to distribute cocaine, both felonies, as well as charges relating to the possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Kahn was arrested on suspicion of possession of cocaine and cultivation of marijuana, along with the marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession charges.

Stewart was arrested on suspicion of cultivation of marijuana, and the marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession charges.


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