Bike shop back

New shop takes over where Sore Saddle left off


The old Sore Saddle name won't be on the sign out front, but there will be a bicycle shop at 12th and Yampa streets this spring.

An established local bike shop owner is preparing to move to the remodeled sawdust burner building across from Little Toots Park. The ink wasn't quite dry on the lease at press time.

Moots founder Kent Eriksen is preparing to begin building a new line of titanium road bikes in the factory in the rear. Eriksen's new cycles will be called Bikente.

Former Sore Saddle owner Chris Oppold closed the longtime bike shop in the fall. He had purchased it from Ed and Kathleen Crislip in April 2003.

The Crislips had purchased the business from Trip Harrelson and Mike Sanders in 1998.

Eriksen left Moots in January to return to fabricating high-end bicycle frames on his own. He said he will begin with road bikes, but when he has production going, he will add mountain bike frames.

Eriksen and Bruce Alston are co-owners of the building, which, with its cone-shaped focal point, is something of a landmark. The building was adapted from a structure formerly used to burn sawdust at a now-defunct timber mill.

Alston said that although it will not be called Sore Saddle, there definitely would be a bike shop in the building this year.

"We're excited about that," Alston said. "We think the people that are going to be moving in there are going to be very successful."


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