Simple acts of kindness make her day


Cyndy Meeks didn't set out to practice random acts of kindness.

The idea of handing long-stemmed roses to strangers blossomed suddenly Feb. 23. In the week that followed, Meeks and her daughter, Arielle, handed out 400 roses and mums -- most of them to strangers. She gave away the last rose at the Department of Social Services in the Routt County Courthouse on Wednesday afternoon.

"I probably won't be doing this again," Meeks said. "But it felt really good."

Meeks said she got caught up in the spirit of giving without really intending to.

"I went to City Market last Wednesday to buy flowers on sale for my family," Meeks said. "On the way out the door, I spotted a little lady who reminded me of my mother (the late Faye Meeks). I decided to give her some of the roses. She got really excited about it. We got hugs and kisses, and it was a real lift."

She was driving down the street in Hayden later that day when she spied a jogger. She rolled down the window and handed her a deep red rose. The jogger got almost as excited as the woman in front of the grocery store.

Meeks spent the next hour driving around Hayden handing out flowers. She made a stop at the post office and gave out more of the original 80 flowers she'd purchased for $2 apiece. Meeks had one rose left for her sister, Mindi Durkop, but overlooked another sister, Deby Meeks, who was at work that afternoon.

Not to worry, Meeks picked up 160 flowers the next day and made sure Deby was taken care of -- along with many more surprised people.

All of the warm fuzzies Meeks and her daughter were experiencing prompted her to hit the floral department again for this week's sale. Meeks, who works in the radiology department at Yampa Valley Medical Center, made sure to purchase some mums so children wouldn't prick their thumbs on the long-stemmed roses. She visited the schools in Hayden before heading for Steamboat.

"I just went around saying, 'Happy Wednesday,'" Meeks said. "It was just so fun. There have been many days when I would have loved to receive just a 'hello,' let alone a rose."

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