Shooting leagues offered


Michael Hogue hopes to encourage a few more people to visit the Three Quarter Circles Ranch this summer and discover the sport of shooting clays.

For the first time, the ranch and shooting club will offer leagues for target-shooting enthusiasts and those who simply might want to try the sport, which is a blend of shotgun shooting and golf.

"It's the first time we've attempted to do something like this," Hogue said. "We just wanted to give it a try and find out if there is any support out there."

In sporting clays, competitors attempt to hit as many targets as possible while moving between the course's 12 stations. The targets are thrown at different speeds, angles heights, and they often vary in size.

At some stations, more than one target might be thrown at the same time, requiring the shooter to respond quickly.

Competitors are scored based on how many of the possible targets, typically a maximum of 100, they hit.

This summer, Hogue has created two leagues he hopes will catch on in Steamboat Springs and the surrounding area.

There will be a men's league, which includes 10, 100-target games between now and Sept. 18. Shooters can compete whenever they want as long as they have played all 10 flights by the September deadline.

All games will be handicapped -- in a system similar to bowling, which ensures that any shooter can win the league.

The winner will receive dinner for two at Old West Steakhouse and a Chimere shooting vest. There also will be prizes for second- and third-place finishers.

The women's league will include 10, 50-target games. like the men's league, the games must be completed by the Sept. 18 deadline. The top prize for the women is dinner for two at Tobianos and a Chimere shooting vest.

Hogue said it takes a little more than two hours to play a round. The cost to join the men's league is $300, and the women's league costs $200.

Anyone interested in joining a league can call the ranch at 846-5647.


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