Jerry Perlin: U.S. 40 bypass


A good place for the U.S. Highway 40 bypass (some day, reality will have to be faced and one will be created) was through the library parking lot to Yampa Street. It could have been a parkway and promenade along the river with quiet, smooth-flowing one-way traffic, courtesy of timed traffic lights, relieving Lincoln Avenue of half its traffic. But then the library (and the Rabbit Ears Motel) were allowed to get in the way.

Downtown could have been a lot nicer; a plaza could have been created. It would have added a lot to Steamboat.

Perhaps the opportunity has rearisen. The library plan could include "all of the above" plus Little Toots and more, and state funds would pay for it. Downtown would be nicely revitalized.

Jerry Perlin

Steamboat Springs


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