Art hanging right where it should be


Now that 80 paintings and photographs hang in the Yampa Valley Medical Center office building, the bare walls that once stood there seem cold, sterile and inappropriate for a place of healing.

The 80 pieces comprise a rotating art exhibit -- the first show of the expanding M.O.R.E. Site Project, designed to pair art with walls outside of the traditional museum or gallery atmosphere.

"The response from patients and doctors has been incredible," said Hilary Kloepfer, who manages the building for Central Park Management. "It has brought a lot of color to these halls."

The exhibit hangs on two floors of doctor's offices and includes work by Colorado artists Wanda Brehmer, Sharon Pace, Janice Lawrence, Stephen R. Ruddock and Jeffrey Hall and work by Washington artist Julia Corbett and Oklahoma artist Marilyn J. Dillon.

The show will be on display through October, when it will be replaced by work from other artists.

Doctors are discussing plans to choose and buy one painting from each rotating exhibit as a way of building a permanent collection for the building, M.O.R.E. co-organizer Susan Schiesser said.

M.O.R.E. originally stood for "Medical Office Revolving Exhibition," but as the number of venues for rotating exhibits grew to include restaurants, bars, other office buildings and empty pieces of real estate, the word M.O.R.E. came to stand for "more art, more places."

"You don't have to walk into a gallery to experience art," Schiesser said.

The M.O.R.E. Site Project is hosting other exhibits at Ambiente and in Chieftain Plaza.

"This project will get as big as the number of artists who apply and the sites that step forward," Schiesser said.

M.O.R.E. Site Project exhibitions will rotate three times a year.

"We want it to become expected for businesses to have original art on display," Schiesser said.

To get involved in the M.O.R.E. Site Project call 291-9106 or 846-7879.


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