Paul Sachs : Indecent cartoon


A democratic community is a place where people should be free and encouraged to express their opinions without fear of ridicule or shame.

A free press is intended to support and safeguard such a dialogue, not to discourage it with spiteful editorial cartoons that hold private citizens up to ridicule. Where is your sense of decency?

I am not a member of the Friends of the Justice Center but I do count myself as a friend of Towny Anderson.

Although one might disagree with his opposition to the relocation of the Justice Center from downtown, it is his right to voice such opposition free from the fear of retribution. To intimidate people from speaking their minds is petty at best and tyrannical at worst. It is even more egregious and less defensible when the facts have been poorly explained and analyzed.

Anderson's appeal to a United States District Court to enjoin the construction of the new Justice Center was based on sound and well-reasoned arguments.

Interestingly, the judge dismissed the motion for failure to allege, "that preparations for or construction of the new Justice Center has begun or will commence imminently..." This, despite the fact that the county's response to the motion stated that "The wetlands have already been substantially disturbed, pursuant to the county's permit."

It is not my place nor desire to recount the convoluted process that has led to the new Justice Center's current location.

My intent is only to remind us that a strong community supports and encourages a diversity of opinions.

I hope that any future debate about this issue and others of community concern will be conducted with greater civility and respect.

Paul Sachs

Steamboat Springs


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