Soundoff for July 17


Weighing bottom line

I hope the city finds another place to launch the balloons on future Rainbow weekends. It's a shame that Tennis Meadows will be cluttered with Wildhorse Marketplace buildings. Once again, the bottom line appears to be more important than the common good.

Keep the balloons

I would say it's more important to preserve the Hot Air Balloon Rodeo.

People should decide

Mayor Rodeman wants to be appointed town manager of Oak Creek, but she doesn't have the qualifications and has not gone to the people who have voted it down before. Just because she needs insurance is not a good reason to put her as town manager. This needs to go to the people.

Sad at what's coming

Apparently the hot air balloon festival will continue however the loss of the site for the past 25 years based upon the sale of the property to someone who hopefully will not bring us another development like the Gart Sports store. Will the city Planning Department be asleep at the wheel again? The loss of the Harbor Hotel is truly a shame. It is part of the history of this town. Undoubtedly, it will be replaced by more non-descript shops and condos that we already have too many of.

Research Horizons issue

I'm responding to your Viewpoint on Wednesday, July 13, about the property tax to support Horizons. Most of the clients in both their group homes are not even from Routt County, I think. It's a shock that you are going to ask voters to tax and pay for Horizons. I think you need to research a little more on this.

Doing nothing

I wonder if the Forest Service decision to extend the appeal period is a way of hearing what the people want or a way of continuing to do nothing.

Negative headline

We love our library and we love our seniors. It seems like such a win-win situation, and I want to know: Why such a negative headline?

Stupid question

The question of the week is, "Which is more important to preserve, the Harbor Hotel or the Hot Air Balloon Rodeo." That's a stupid question. Both are important to preserve.

Quit smoking

I am amazed a reader made a comparison between driving an SUV and smoking. SUVs serve a purpose -- hauling kids to school, car-pooling, and safe wintertime transportation. Tobacco serves no purpose other than to create addicts and contribute to our tax base. The individual who stated several weeks ago that he or she "hates" the City Council for not bringing the issue before the people needs to perform a survey. If the issue were brought before the citizens of Steamboat Springs, the results would be the same: A citywide ban on smoking. Steamboat Springs is a healthy community, and smokers are clearly in the minority. The City Council acted as responsible representatives and made a decision to benefit the majority of the community. Don't like the ban? Stop smoking.


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