Smokefree Steamboat:


At a recent City Council public debate, one council member commented that it was past time for the Steamboat Springs City Council to take a strong leadership position on the public- and worker-health issues related to secondhand smoke.

We applaud the council for demonstrating strong leadership and passing Steamboat's new comprehensive smoke-free ordinance.

Like the large majority of the Steamboat community, the SmokeFree Steamboat coalition is pleased and excited with the new ordinance as it provides needed health protection in indoor and many outdoor public and work places. All of us have received positive feedback from local residents and workers stating their delight with Steamboat's new smoke-free status. Some of us have heard from frequent visitors and long-distance friends of their plans to visit or return soon to Steamboat now that it's smoke-free.

Steamboat's new smoke-free ordinance sends a healthy community message, and research shows this type of messaging to be one of the most effective ways to deter the initiation of youth smoking and promote smoking cessation among youth and adults.

Council, we urge you to uphold your commitment to protect the health of this community. Please stand strong on this important public health issue. Maintain the integrity of the new ordinance and give it a chance to work as is before entertaining any proposed amendments. Thank you.

Smokefree Steamboat: Anders Anderson, Stephanie Anderson, Lisa Bankard, Sue Birch, Jim Engelken, Judy Hiester, Lisa Idzahl, Jeff Little, Chuck Porter, Sam Robards, Dan Smilkstein, Sandy Visnack and Beth Watson


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