Unknown man's remains found


Authorities hope that someone in Northwest Colorado will be able to identify skeletal remains of an unknown man found last month on Berthoud Pass.

Authorities suspect homicide in the death.

The man's remains were found June 25 near mile marker 241 on Berthoud Pass by several tourists who had pulled over to the side of the road to look at wildlife.

Grand County Chief Deputy Coroner Bren--da Bock said the tourists were walking down a steep embankment when they found the body.

"The body was badly decomposed, and all that was left were the skeletal remains," she said.

The man is thought to be white or Hispanic and 45 to 65 years old. Bock said the man was 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-9 and between 145 and 165 pounds. The man was wearing a distinct gold-colored necklace portraying a lion's face.

Bock hopes someone will recognize the necklace, which could identify the man. The man was wearing jeans, a short-sleeved shirt over a long-sleeved thermal shirt and sandals.

A sketch artist has created a composite drawing of what the man may have looked like based on his skeletal structure. Authorities are circulating the sketch and a picture of the necklace in hopes that someone recognizes them.

The man is thought to have died between four and seven months ago.

Bock did not know how long the man's body had been decomposing on Berthoud Pass, but she thinks the homicide occurred somewhere else and that the man was dumped there.

The Grand County Cor--oner's Office is not releasing the cause of death.

Information about the man was released Thursday after local law enforcement agencies were notified about the finding.

Bock said several calls have been received regarding the case but that nothing substantial has been reported.

Bock said that until someone can identify the man, there is no way to tell where he is from or what happened to him.

"It's hard to know anything until we find out who this man is," she said.

The Grand County Sheriff's Office and the 14th Judicial District Attorney's Office are investigating the case with the Coroner's Office. The Sheriff's Office is continuing to follow leads in hopes of identifying the man, and the District Attorney's Office hopes to start getting information to pursue criminal charges in the man's death.

"It's hard to move on with a homicide investigation if you don't know who the man is," Bock said.

The Coroner's Office and the Sheriff's Office ask anyone who knows who the man is or has any additional information about him to call (970) 725-0040 or (970) 725-3343.

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