On Scene for Jan. 14


Changing of the grounds

With a handshake and a few signatures, Mocha Molly's Bluegrass Bakery changed hands. Teri Shewshuk, who bought the coffee shop in 1995, sold the business to Jerri Nappa, the mother of a former Mocha's barrista -- Melissa Netze.

Nappa will be moving to town in the next week from Florida to take over the local social spot/epicenter of Steamboat.

The first question on everyone's mind (or at least mine) is: Are the couches coming back?

Shewshuk removed the couches a couple of weeks ago to break people of the "hanging out habit."

"Kids were sleeping on the couches," she said. "I caught a few kids making out on them."

The new owner plans to bring in a few stuffed reading chairs -- something that's comfortable but accommodates only one person at a time.

A passing-the-torch ceremony is planned for the evening of Jan. 23, complete with bluegrass music.

Stumbling to Ocala

Steamboat Springs sent Matt Grow and Phoebe Fulkerson off into the world with a hangover. An engagement and goodbye party was held at Old Town Pub on Tuesday night. It was a who's who of city government, local artists and straggler fans of Buzzcut Sheep.

They leave today for Florida, where Grow will work as airport director for the city of Ocala. He begins work Jan. 24. Apparently, the Ocala airport is the base for transportation of show and breeding horses. As airport director, Grow (he thinks today) will not be in charge of cleaning up the manure left behind on the runway (known among aviation professionals as F.O.D. or Foreign Objects and Debris).

Good luck, you guys. Have fun down there.

Magazine mentions 'Boat

Steamboat Springs was mentioned in the recent edition of Rolling Stone magazine (Dec. 30, 2004, to Jan. 13, 2005) as a footnote in the strange and unexpected death of Wu Tang Clan member O.D.B. True or untrue, Rolling Stone wrote: "The week before O.D.B.'s death, he played a handful of solo shows. On Nov. 12, the entire Wu-Tang Clan was booked to play their first East Coast concert in five years, in East Rutherford, N.J. O.D.B. canceled a show in Steamboat Springs, Colo., to be there, but he missed his plane and arrived too late. 'If he'd been there that night, there's a 50 percent chance he'd still be with us,' says RZA."

-- Autumn Phillips


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