'Boat bachelor single, skiing


Andy LeRoy is still single and still skiing. In other words, life has returned to usual for the Steamboat Springs bachelor.

LeRoy made his reality TV debut Monday during the series premiere of "The Bachelorette" on ABC, but LeRoy did not receive one of the 15 rose boutonnieres handed out and had to return home.

Tuesday, LeRoy was busy preparing to leave for Europe for ski races that will keep him overseas until early February. LeRoy is a former Olympic skier and current Alpine coach with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.

"I had a lot of fun," LeRoy said. "It's an opportunity not a whole lot of people got."

LeRoy said he doesn't know how the show ends, and is looking forward to seeing the final episodes when he returns from Europe. He will be reunited with the other bachelors who do not make it to the final episode for a tell-all reunion show in mid-February.

Monday, he watched the premiere from his residence in Steamboat.

"I think they did a great job portraying everybody," LeRoy said. "I was kind of surprised. They pretty much showed it actually how it took place. I was expecting a little different from Hollywood."

In Monday's premiere, the 25 bachelors met bachelorette Jennifer Schefft, mingled and got to know each other in a swank New York City brownstone. LeRoy said the 25 men did not meet each other until the initial taping of the premiere.

"We were kept separate until we met her, and then the party took place," LeRoy said.

LeRoy walked in, met Schefft and then wasn't seen or heard from much for the rest of the two-hour episode. LeRoy is under contractual obligations with ABC, so he is limited on what he can say about the show but expects more to come out about the premiere during the tell-all special next month.

He did say the taping for the show lasted all night and when the bachelors do not receive a final rose, they are whisked away in a car and almost immediately get on a flight to return home.

He left New York City the morning after the series premiere wrapped, and while LeRoy did not receive a rose from Schefft, he held no ill will about her decisions.

"There were three guys that I would put near the end," LeRoy said. He couldn't say who they were, but LeRoy was flattered that Schefft picked him as one of the initial 25 bachelors. LeRoy did not know how much input Schefft had in the original selections until he watched the premiere Monday and saw Schefft prompting the camera crews with questions.

"She was involved in the casting," he said. "I hadn't seen any of that. That's nice to see that I wasn't picked by a producer that knew it wouldn't work out. In some form, I was picked by her. One thing in particular that stuck out, they asked me what I would say if she asked me to marry her. I was like, 'If the right person comes along I don't think you have to wait.'"

LeRoy still thinks that is true.

"The Bachelorette" can be seen at 8 p.m. every Monday on ABC.

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