Sound Off for Jan. 9


No to big boxes

Big-box and chain store developments do not support the entrepreneurial spirit of Steamboat Springs and Main Street. Say no to big boxes, chain stores and profiteering developers.

Justice center site

No I do not support identifying a third site for the new Routt County Justice Center.

Yes, I would favor identifying a third site for the new justice center.

No, we don't need to find a third site for the court facility. There is only one site, and that's out west of town next to the county jail.

The justice center should not be in downtown Steamboat. It just doesn't fit with the historic character of the downtown. Alternate sites could be the property next to Logger's Lane, the property next to the Hampton Inn and also up at the Steamboat Springs Airport.

The courthouse should stay where it is. If there are wetlands, and you can't build, then you have to accept it and move on.

I just read the article about the justice center. I think Kevin Bennett, who said the county's actions were laughable, illegal, unethical and wrong, is 100 percent right. I don't know who the Friends of the Justice Center are, and I'm not one of them. But I think it's time for the county to stop trying to shove this down our throats when it's not wanted. It's time for them to face it, get on with life and do the right thing.

Fund Board changes

We are glad to see the changes being made in the Education Fund Board structure. There should be no School Board members on the Fund Board. The intent of the sales tax was that it would be a gift. The integrity of the funding source relies on an arm's length relationship with the School Board. Please trust your Education Fund Board to make good decisions.

Newspaper's agenda

I am just curious -- who should make the decision about where we put the justice center, the county commissioners or the newspaper? I think the newspaper has an agenda here, and it is pretty transparent. Are the Friend of the Justice Center on the newspaper's payroll?


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