A world of dreams come true


"Welcome to your new life -- a life of joy, prosperity and dreams come true. That is the life you hold in your hands right now, the life you can have if you follow the simple steps set forth in this book."

That's how Nina Rogers began her new book, "Dream Big," and she believes every word of it. In 80 pages, Rogers lays out a step-by-step guide to ridding yourself of childhood baggage, envisioning what you can do with your new-found emotional freedom and making it happen.

"You have the freedom to get what you want out of life," she said.

The idea of writing a book came to her three years ago during Literary Sojourn.

"All the authors except one said they heard voices telling them to write their book," she said. "I didn't hear voices exactly, but the idea just took hold of me."

She sat down at the computer for the first time last May and watched the blank page for a while.

"I'm not the kind of person that can write an outline," she said. She started by writing down what she knew. For the past few years, Rogers has been studying energy work through books, tapes and her friend Lila Henry.

The system Rogers describes in "Dream Big" involves emotional freedom techniques, which are a simple series of taps on specific points on the body.

"I was so excited about this, but I would start telling people, and then I would have to go into this long story," she said. "This book is a better way of getting out the information."

Rogers said she used EFT to reduce a lot of her emotional garbage from childhood into memories that did not torture her.

She wanted to share what she learned in a gentle, positive, easy-to-use book that gets straight to the point.

"If it were up to me, I would have just written it all on one page," she said.

Rogers finished the final draft of her book in October and released it right before Christmas. This is her first book, but she plans to turn it into a series focusing on specific things people can change about their lives. She expects to write a book about money and one about relationships.

At Sunday's book signing, Rogers will give a brief explanation of the EFT system and then open the discussion to questions.

"The pictures in the book are good," she said, "but sometimes you need someone to show you."


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