Kelly Larson: Keep showcase


My name is Kelly Larson, and I am a senior at Steamboat Springs High School. Recently, I was part of the ninth annual SSHS Dance Showcase. Although I was not one of the dancers -- I sang while Brittany DeGroff danced to the live music for her solo -- I was there virtually every step of the way and observed much of what it took for these girls to put on this production.

During the past four years of my high school career, I have attended every Dance Showcase because I find it to be an enjoyable show along with the majority of the student body and many members of the community. Dance Showcase is probably the most looked forward to event of the year from the high school, and this can be seen by the audience that it attracts.

Although there have been complaints about the appropriateness of the show, I think what people fail to appreciate is what it takes to dance the way these girls do. Dance is an art of expression, and by commenting about how the dancers look on stage in a way that implies the members of the showcase are too provocative is very insulting. It makes the dancers look like they just dance to attract attention sexually when really Dance Showcase is a production that is put on for the love of dance.

I think that it is a show that is geared much more toward our generation, but that is because it is our generation that runs the show. No production that the high school hosts will be liked by all audience members, and clearly Dance Showcase is not the show for everyone. However, every year, the showcase brings a group of girls together and is responsible for the creation of new friendships through enjoyable and stressful times. Too many people enjoy the show to even consider having it pulled completely.

To take this tradition away from SSHS would be extremely disappointing for a variety of reasons. Along with being a very entertaining show, many people benefit from the donations that Dance Showcase gives to charities, and it no longer would be responsible for uniting a group of girls the way a show like this is capable of. I think that Dance Showcase this year and every year deserves much more credit and a lot less complaints because of all the time and effort spent on such a superb performance.

Kelly Larson

Steamboat Springs


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