Babette Dickson: Dancers impressive


I am very sorry to read the comments regarding the Dance Showcase at the high school.

I was at the show last Saturday, with my children, and I did not feel at any time that the show was inappropriate. It was mostly a celebration of life, art, creativity, youth and hard work.

These young dancers were gorgeous; the show was refreshing. I think the parents criticizing the show were more concerned with their Puritanism, conservative values or their aging bodies and minds than letting their children attend.

I cannot imagine an 11-year-old thinking about sex or decadence during the show.

I applaud the work and creativity of the Dance Showcase and hope that the School Board members will not act as a censure agency.

I support the producers 100 percent. Go gals, go.

A 42-year-old impressed mom, Babette Dickson

Steamboat Springs


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