Potty humor and loud guitars


How ironic for a band named Guttermouth to be punished for using profanities on stage and what a telling sign of the current music scene for a band to be shunned because of its right-leaning politics.

However strange, it's their loss and our gain that Guttermouth bowed out of the second half of the Warped Tour and decided to tour the Rocky Mountain states instead.

After 10 years on the Warped Tour, Guttermouth won't be back, lead singer and staunch Republican Mark Adkins said.

"It was a mutual 'get the hell out of here,'" Adkins said. The trouble started when Guttermouth refused to be part of the Punk Voter project.

For Guttermouth to get the hand because of its politics will seem strange to anyone who knows the 17-year veterans of the punk scene. This is not Fugazi. This band is not about social change or preaching politics of any kind.

This band is about potty humor and loud guitars.

They're immature, and they're funny in a fourth-grade-boy kind of way.

"Our live shows are the same as they've ever been," Adkins said. "We get wasted. Scream at the kids. Tell tasteless jokes and wake up with a headache the next day."

The band recently came out with its 10th album, "Eat Your Face," made for $500 in Adkins' garage using ProTools.

"We wanted it to sound like a punk record," he said.

Guttermouth is a vestige of a bygone era in music.

"Who are our peers? They're all gone. Black Flag. The Germs," Adkins said. "We were able to stick with it because everyone tried to travel in too much style. They stayed in hotels and traveled in buses, and the expenses broke them. We travel like peasants, and we're able to make a decent living because of it."


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