Playing the guitar with grease under their nails


Since everyone and their next-door neighbors started growing sideburns and wearing white T-shirts with cigarette packs rolled into the sleeve, there have been a lot of songs written about truck driving and hotrodding by people who don't know what the hell they're talking about.

No more.

The members of funkabilly band Brethren Fast sing about hotrods and motorcycles, all with a little grease under their fingernails. The Denver-based band has been playing together for 10 years, ever since two brothers with separate sensibilities decided to see what would happen if they combined efforts.

"My brother was into rockabilly, and I was into funky Motown bass stuff," said Mik "The Stik," bass player for Brethren Fast. "After a couple of months getting in fist fights about what sounded good, we came up with a sound we call electrified hillbilly hotrod funk."

They play a set that's half old-school country music and half rockabilly and trucker rock.

"If you go to a rockabilly show, after you hear three or four songs, you've heard it all," Mik said. "So we've always tried to mix it up."

The band is touring with its fourth and latest album, "Diesel Drivin' Buddy," and every song is about one of their cars. (Mik's favorite is a '68 Galaxie 500 convertible that has been lowered, painted with pinstripes and flames, and decked out with whitewall tires.)

The liner notes of "Diesel Drivin' Buddy" are designed to look like a mini hotrod magazine.

The band is sponsored by Mile High Harley and a vintage Triumph dealership that only sell Triumphs built before 1983.

"Hotrods are just toys. Music is how we make our living," Mik said.

"We've been doing this full time for seven years. We're not getting rich, but before this we were barely paying our bills and we still had day jobs."


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