Sandy Evans Hall: The sound was shame


To the editor:

Mr. Bennett, yes, we heard the sound. But it was not the "powerful losing power" as you suggested (ViewPoints Dec. 21). It was the multitude ashamed of the lack of decency and responsible action of our City Council. That was truly the sound you heard. It was a sigh at the defacing of the "heart and soul" of this community ---- our respect for one another as human beings.

Kevin, you seem to have been out of the business and public arena a bit too long and are really out of touch with how things are right now. The business leaders have been suggesting to the council for the past two years that Paul Hughes' contract should not be renewed. Hughes was far from a pawn of any "new minority and their backers." Again, the anger is not in losing Hughes, it's in the way that it was done. Thank you, Towny Anderson for your public admission and apology -- because that is what is needed if any trust in government is to be established.

The recent City Council action, in addition to the tactics used during the past election, are very disturbing. The smear campaigns and false accusations used by the Citizens for a Better City Council -- a political action committee for the "new power" on the council -- crossed the line of decency. I'm not naÃive, and I know that in many communities this is the norm, as would have been the firing of Hughes. But, this is Steamboat Springs. This is a place where we know in our hearts that we just don't treat each other that way. How we treat each other is at the core of our culture, it's what sets us apart from other resorts and other communities. Let's not lose that sense of human respect.

As we set our New Year's resolutions, I would like to state my wishes for this community: That we continue to expect integrity, honesty, and respect from our leaders; that we all act in an accountable and responsible way toward each other; that we seek to understand before we judge; and that we have continued prosperity that gives back to meet the needs of our citizens. Happy New Year, Kevin, and everyone!

PS. Kevin, I'm not sure what "backroom" you were referring to, but the Chamber Resort Association meets once a month at the Steamboat Pilot and Today at 8 a.m. on the second Thursday of the month. You, and anyone who wishes, are more than welcome to attend. There is no backroom here

Sandy Evans Hall
Executive Vice President
Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort association


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