Mono-ski, cash stolen on Christmas


Along with Santa Claus, the Grinch came to town Sunday.

A Sheraton Steamboat Resort employee with disabilities reportedly had his mono-ski, a single ski with attachments for a chair and arm supports, stolen from its regular storage place under a flight of stairs at the resort.

Officer Garrett Wiggins of the Steamboat Springs Police Department said the Sheraton employee, who uses a wheelchair, has been storing his mono-ski in the same spot under the stairs for several years without incident.

The employee asked that he not be named, and he said Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. staff returned the ski to him Monday after finding it at the Kid's Vacation Center at the Steamboat Ski Area.

"The edge was damaged a little bit, like it got banged on a curb, but I skied on it today -- it was probably just some kids screwing around," the employee said. "I was trying to figure out (Sunday) what somebody would want with just one ski, especially one that big."

The employee said the mono-ski is a 195 Solomon Extreme, valued at about $300.

Also on Christmas Day, a burglar reportedly entered an unlocked house in the 1900 block of Steamboat Boulevard and stole a portable safe containing "several thousand dollars" in cash, Wiggins said.

Wiggins said several people live in the residence, which often was left unlocked. Nobody was home at the time of the burglary. Along with the safe, the thief reportedly stole a backpack containing "miscellaneous items," Wiggins said.

"The words 'portable' and 'safe' should never be in the same sentence," he said.

Wiggins spoke disparagingly of people who commit crimes, especially on Christmas Day.

"That just goes to show you the mentality of thieves -- that they have no conscience and will basically victimize anybody for their benefit," he said.

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