On Scene for Dec. 16


Black tie affair

Black Tie Ski Rentals kicked off the Christmas party season Dec. 8 by inviting the beautiful people to a cocktail hour at Amante. Because of the shape of the place, your social laps became more like social lines as you moved from one end of the room to the other and back again.

Our favorite Italian beer, Birra Moretti, was on tap. People sipped the Eurobrew between bites of prosciutto and cheese and conversations about the pow and 'der they had experienced that week.

The message of the party, beyond that Joe and Ian know how to throw a party, was that their biz is doing really well. Noted.

Lucky day

Be careful what you wish for.

In a previous On Scene, I praised the fact that I finally could buy used vinyl in Steamboat. Then I mentioned that the only thing missing in Steamboat was a weekly Irish music session paired with Guinness specials.

Lo and behold. I don't know about the Guinness specials, but I do know that I got my wish. Every Thursday night, Gary Burman, Bonnie Murray and Greg Zulevich meet at the Jade Summit Restaurant to play Irish tunes.

Although I couldn't be happier, I must note that this further confuses the theme of bar. Is it an Asian/Irish pirate brothel bar? Mental chaos. Who cares? I'm there.

And while I'm on a roll, getting my wishes and such, the only thing Steamboat needs now is a college radio station at CMC on which I can have some ridiculous weekly show and listen to ridiculous weekly shows from other locals, and, if it isn't too much, a 24-hour diner where I can get an omelette at 2 a.m.

-- Autumn Phillips

Wild night

At Levelz on Dec. 9, Kat in tha Hat kicked off the Tone Loc show, and Kat had the dance floor packed before midnight.

From the looks and sounds of it, Tone Loc had the place pretty entertained. But if you want to know how good the night really was, ask the bouncers.

Maybe it was energy still pent up from mud season, or maybe it was hearing "Wild Thing," but the crowd was wild. There was more than one squabble among the heavily local crowd, including one that involved the headliner. It's like the man said: There ain't no party like a Steamboat party.

I guess that especially goes for all those aprÃs skiers who didn't get to nap before they hit the bars.

-- Jayme Elrod


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