56 Hope Road still truckin'


When 56 Hope Road came through Steamboat last February, band members announced their plans to take over the world -- musically. They had just quit their jobs in Chicago, made 56 Hope Road T-shirts and moved into a 33-foot mobile home.

Almost a year later, they still are on the road, touring from coast to coast and performing about 20 shows a month. Since February, they put 70,000 miles on their RV.

¤ 56 Hope Road

¤ 10 p.m. tonight and Saturday

¤ The Tugboat Grill & Pub in Ski Time Square

¤ $5

¤ 879-7070

They played the side stage for two Dave Matthews Band shows. They opened for Page McConnell from Phish, and this week, they are playing a show with Vince Herman from Leftover Salmon.

Playing with such frequency has allowed the group to relax into its sound, drummer Greg Fundis said. 56 Hope Road is a song-based acoustic jam band.

In October, the band released its first album, "Once in Our Lives."

"It's a play on words," Fundis said. "It's a live album, and it represents one period of our lives -- the first year of our band."

Since the band's last tour through Steamboat, 56 Hope Road added guitar player Chris Corsale, who also sings three-part harmony in several songs.

56 Hope Road is the address of the famous Bob Marley compound in Kingston, Jamaica, from which reggae radiated out to the rest of the world. When the band chose 56 Hope Road as its name, its members had no plans to become a reggae band. What they wanted to take from Marley's legacy was his positive message as told through their own brand of music.


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