Rodeman suggests looking at town codes


In a recent Steamboat Pilot & Today "Sound Off" comment, a reader suggested Oak Creek Mayor Kathy "Cargo" Rodeman read the town's municipal codes. So, she did.

After spending two days reading the 3-inch thick document, Rodeman was left with a few questions and concerns.

During a meeting at 7 p.m. today, Rodeman will present her concerns to the town board. Her concerns include several municipal codes she said she didn't think the town needed or enforced.

"Since I read our codes cover to cover, I found some that are pretty ridiculous," she said.

The codes include one that requires people who sell or serve alcohol in bars or restaurants to attend three training classes a year, which Rodeman said she thought was exorbitant.

Rodeman also wants to discuss the code prohibiting "noise making devices to attract children," namely ice cream trucks. The code states that ice cream trucks are illegal because former board members thought they were a potential danger to children's safety. Instead of making ice cream trucks illegal, Rodeman is suggesting that the town board change the code to look at it on a case-by-case basis because no one has ever applied to get one but could in the future. Rodeman said the code states that the police department would enforce the code by measuring the truck's decibel level, which is difficult because the town does not have a decibel meter.

"I have incredible memories of ice cream trucks in much busier areas than Oak Creek, and no one ever got run over," she said. "I am just making suggestions for the town board to look at. We either need to get a decibel meter or lose that paragraph."

There also is a code that requires residents to clean their trash cans once a week to prevent "attracting flies" and to keep the trash can from becoming "ill smelling." However, to the best of her knowledge, Rodeman said no one had ever been cited for not washing a trash can.

Rodeman also found a code that prohibits clairvoyance and fortune telling. She said the ordinance should go because several residents read Tarot cars, crystals and use chakra bowls.

"I don't think I'm any smarter than the people who originally wrote these codes, but things here have changed over time. I just thought we should look at these before we recodify," she said.

In addition to raising those concerns, Rodeman has a personal issue she intends to bring to the board regarding her own water and sewer bills.

Rodeman said she purchased her Oak Creek home in 1985, complete with a small secondary house on her property.

In other business, the town board is scheduled to hear from police Chief Linda Koile, who a month ago proposed keeping stray dogs in holding in Oak Creek for 24 hours instead of transporting them to Steamboat Springs, which wastes police time and money. The town board will also consider closing Moffat Avenue to turn it into a sledding hill.


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