Steve Bonowski: Not a lie


In a response (Viewpoints, Nov. 30) to a letter about the Quiet Commotion Conference on off-road vehicles, Steven Jones of Louisville called the statement that nearly 80 percent of Forest Service and BLM land in Colorado is open to ORVs a "big lie." In actuality, the 80 percent figure comes from an analysis of existing Forest Service plans and BLM resource area management plans. Thus, the statement would be considered correct, not a lie, based upon the objective analysis.

Jones also called the Quiet Commotion author, Aaron Clark, an "eco-zealot" and accused him of engaging in "neo-religious intolerance." I do have to wonder what has happened to civil discourse in our country and why those who advocate for environmental protections are often the subject of labeling and name-calling.

Steve Bonowski


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