Sound Off for Aug. 28


C, D needed

I absolutely support referendums C and D. I think Douglas Bruce and his TABOR amendment group have done a total disservice to the state of Colorado and put us in an economic bind that we don't need to be in. Therefore, I totally support referendums C and D and will encourage everyone I know to vote in favor of them.

Thanks, camp staff

Thank you to Jennifer Travis and her wonderful staff at Parks and Rec. My kids had a wonderful time at summer camp, and Jennifer and her staff were just amazing.

Ski support?

Regarding Andy Wirth's request to have the city contribute $15,000 to celebrate the Olympians going off. While I do respect the Olympians and admire their hard work, the city just took away the ski pass program for all employees. Most employees make a minimal amount on their income and can't afford to go skiing. I will be stunned if the city can contribute $15,000 to a party when its employees can't even afford to go skiing.

Does Odyssey help?

The question raised should be: Does Senior Odyssey direct some students away from the work needed to move them into their career track? A portion of the students have found that this class is not as beneficial as some would have you believe. This class is not a state or college requirement.

Referendums damaging

No and no. Referendum C is the largest tax increase in state history. Referendum D is the state's second largest tax increase, only after C. The total cost of C and D for an average family of four: $6,480. The total statewide cost for both is nearly $7 billion.

No one likes Odyssey

In response to the editorial on Senior Odyssey, has Melissa Roddy attended any of the School Board meetings, read the student and community members survey on Senior Odyssey or even read the article in Wednesday's Steamboat Today? When asked if the students would or would not have taken Senior Odyssey, only 28 of 108 responses were in any way positive. Only 11 percent of parents believe their child would have taken the class had it not been mandatory. Given the option, they would have taken a variety of other classes. Criticism of this required class is widespread for those who are open enough to acknowledge it.

Protect class sizes

Who are our superintendent and School Board members looking out for, the bottom line or our students? I thought small class size was a priority for our School Board. Is 23 students in a class acceptable, knowing we pay an extra half-cent sales tax for small class sizes? Let's hope there are aides in the class, especially when we find more than 23 students in a class. Get your priorities straight.

C, D are wrong

I totally disagree with referendums C and D. We have to live within our means, and so should the government. All they want is to spend more of our money on foolish projects. They say it's for special projects, but wait and see what they do with it once they get it. So everyone please take a stand and tell the government 'No' loud and clear. Vote no on this issue.


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