Wife who accused husband renegs


A Craig woman who accused her husband of choking her until she passed out is telling law enforcement officers she made up the charges to get him in trouble.

Gordon J. Huckins, 42, of Craig, was arrested Aug. 17 in Wyoming after his 33-year-old wife told Routt County Sheriff's Office deputies that he had assaulted her during a recent camping trip near Dry Lake Campground, Undersheriff Dan Taylor said.

The man was extradited to Routt County to face attempted first-degree murder charges.

Public defender Trevor McFee told Routt County Judge James Garrecht on Wednesday that he has been contacted several times by Huckins' wife. The woman told him that her husband is innocent and that she was lying to officers when she made the allegations, McFee said.

Huckins' wife is in a psychiatric ward at University Hospital in Denver after she attempted suicide Friday night, McFee said.

McFee said his wife was "drunk and obviously had mental health issues" when she made the claims July 29.

McFee also asked Garrecht to consider lowering Huckins' $50,000 bond because Huckins has children who are financially dependent on him.

McFee said Huckins has a strong work ethic and family support that would ensure his return to court.

Assistant District Attorney Kerry St. James told Garrecht that Huckins faced a previous domestic violence charge in 1995, which was settled through a plea agreement. St. James also said that Huckins faced other criminal charges in the past.

St. James also read a letter to the court that Huckins had written to his wife while in jail. In the letter, he essentially pleaded with her to go to the cops and tell them she had made up the allegations so he wouldn't face jail time.

"Tell them you were mad, tell them you weren't taking your meds, tell them whatever. Tell them you filled out a false report. My life is in your hands, baby," St. James read.

In a separate letter to officials, Huckins' wife echoed what he was asking of her, and she wrote that she had made up the allegations.

"I don't remember what sort of lies I told to get my husband in trouble," she wrote.

St. James said he is concerned for the safety of Huckins' wife and said the bond should be left as is.

Garrecht agreed, deciding to give McFee and St. James more time to investigate the case.

"At this point, I am going to leave it at that. It strikes me that there are some issues here," he said.

Huckins will appear in court Sept. 7.


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