Jerry Rudolph: Fix bus shelters


A few bus stops have shelters and a place to sit down. However, nearly all of them leak. Snow and rain can get in. The result is that there are areas where riders cannot sit without getting wet. Sometimes, graffiti has been drawn on seats and on the Plexiglas. It is important to paint over graffiti wherever it occurs so that it will not proliferate. It should be an easy matter to caulk anyplace where moisture gets in. During the winter, snow and melting ice run toward the shelter across from Safeway. Gravel or sand should be placed on top. All trash, such as cigarette butts, cans and candy wrappers, should be picked up daily.

Waiting areas where there are not shelters likewise are littered and should be picked up regularly. After all, the free bus lines help not only local people, but also many visitors.

Jerry Rudolph

Steamboat Springs


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