Sound Off for Aug. 7


It's town's decision

Whether Oak Creek should or shouldn't form its own building department has yet to be determined, but they should be able to explore their options. It's up to the town of Oak Creek.

Oust Town Board

Instead of getting rid of the Routt County Building Department, it's about time to get rid of the Oak Creek Town Board.

Editorial right on

I think the editorial "Proceed with caution" about the Oak Creek Town Board and its building department situation was wonderful, and I appreciate that you took the time to address this issue. I live in Oak Creek. The paragraph about double standards and trustees telling constituents what to do speaks for itself when you go look at the settling ponds.

Yes to town

I very definitely feel that Oak Creek should have its own building department.

Go for it

Yes, I think Oak Creek should start its own building department. Anything that Oak Creek can do to divorce itself from Steamboat`s politics and superior attitude will be an improvement and a blessing for Oak Creek. Go for it.

Go to the source

Please call Horizons at 879-4466 to get the correct information about whether people from outside our community are receiving services. Also, Doug Monger's comments about Routt County being a depository for people with developmental disabilities was very disrespectful and uninformed.

Get away from others

Oak Creek should get away from the Steamboat and Routt County building department and form its own building department.

Own department better

Of course Oak Creek should establish its own building department. Why should it remain under the thumb of those who have only jealous and vindictive attitudes toward the great progress it is making?

TV show is sad

It's so sad to read about Steamboat cowboys and cowgirls selling out to these TV people in "Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive," on the same channel as Howard Stern, and making fun of what is good about our society, like hard work, honesty and compassion. I am saddened that this show was in your area; the comercialization of culture is like selling your hearts.

Take a look at who these kids are: Kids who waste money and time on the cheap thrills of alcohol, drugs and porn. Brittny Gastineau poses in her underwear, then washes some boys in your stream to show young people what? How stupid rich people are? Who cares what they look like; their actions speak louder than words. You should all be ashamed.


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