Rick Akin, Harmon Buckland, Gene Cook, Paul Epley, Sam Haslem, Del Lockhart , Jennifer Schubert-Akin: Beware the RINOs


The full-page advertisements appearing in the Colorado Statesman and other publications entitled, "Coloradans are getting behind Referenda C & D," can't be cheap. Every one of those organizations has its hand in the public till. The barrage of radio ads and the glossy pamphlets promoting the passage of C and D are not cheap, either. You can bet that virtually every dollar paying for the expensive promotions is coming from interests that expect to get their money back from Colorado's coffers. It is a wonderful country where taxpayer money can be used to convince us to pay more taxes. After asking our representative in the State House why he was supporting a tax increase, we were told, "But there will not be any new taxes with C and D!" Excuse us, we went to school when they still taught math, reading and writing. If we taxpayers overpaid our taxes by $3 billion, we should be getting it back ... it's ours. If a referendum passes so that we don't get it back, that is a new tax.

Gov. Bill Owens' administration's legacy is in a serious downward slide. He gave the 3rd Congressional District to the Democrats by saddling Greg Walcher with Proposition A, gave the Senate to the Democrats with the late introduction of Pete Coors and is now trashing what is left of the Republican minority in the House and Senate with the blatant sellout on C and D. Owens could have used the bully pulpit and said to the Democrats, "I'll go along with a limited 18-month fix on the condition that it accompanies a ballot referendum for 2006 that also addresses the real problems: Proposition 23 and Gallagher." It seems to us that Owens, various RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and the Democrats have underestimated the intelligence of the voters of Colorado and are in for one major reality check come November, when an overwhelming number of voters refuse to sign a blank check.

Rick Akin, Harmon Buckland, Gene Cook, Paul Epley, Sam Haslem, Del Lockhart , Jennifer Schubert-Akin

Routt County


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