Holly Larson: Triple Crown loud


This is in response to Clair Flatt's letter about the mountain noise.Thank you for expressing your observations about the noise level on the mountain. I agree with you that it is a nonstop party. You would think that this is an issue all the time with the crowds in Ski Time Square, but it is not.It is much quieter in the winter.The loudness only begins when Triple Crown softball teams roll into town.

The Triple Crown crowd is not like the average tourists that come to Steamboat. They are here to party at the town's expense. They are loud, drunk and obnoxious; they litter, vandalize and deface property, do not pay for their team's dinners at restaurants and are rude and have no manners. In fact, many teams have been banned from restaurants and condominiums because of their behavior. The sad thing is that their children learn that this behavior is alright.The noise level is a small manifestation of this attitude. They may bring big mega bucks to Steamboat's economy, but they trash our town and ruin our happy community.

Relaxation on your vacation is not possible when Triple Crown is in town.


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