Clair Flatt : Mountain noisy


Mountain noisy

Ah, summertime condominium living on the mountain above Ski Time Square. Slide open the windows and doors and catch that invigorating mountain air. And catch the 12-hour, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. nonstop screeching of children in the Thunderhead Lodge pool. They must play in shifts, for one group of children surely would shrivel and, sadly, lose their voices after so many hours. But the lodge is strict, because, from my lofty perch, I see the little ones marching out single file, swaddled in white towels, at the 10 p.m. hour. So orderly.

Now so quiet, and it's time to hit that bed for a short snooze in preparation for Act 2 -- those carefree, exuberant 2 a.m. drunks spilling onto the street from the vicinity of The Tugboat Grill & Pub.

I know they are happy, just listen to those voices raised (key word) in good cheer. But this merry mood is short-lived as the taxi appears and the voices dwindle as, one by one, they crawl aboard.

Now, its really time for serious unconsiousness, and this is mandatory, because the next late-morning pool crew soon will be arriving, and then...

Clair Flatt



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