Sound Off for April 17


The letter to the editor about the Bible (Steamboat Today, April 12) stressed the 60 percent approval of the question about a high school Bible class. It seems odd that 180 votes suddenly were cast on the question, when the average number each week ranges from about 15 to 20. This would be a surge of about 1,000 percent. It is obvious that advocates kept the e-mail and telephone lines busy soliciting votes in favor. If there were such a thing as an objective poll on this contentious issue, I have o wonder what the true public opinion would be.

Right sometimes

The county commissioners made the right decision when they upheld the sanctity of the conservation easement on the Carpenter Ranch. Unfortunately, they do not have a similar commitment -- despite their endorsement-- to the Steamboat Springs Community Area Plan. If they did, they would not have betrayed the city and gone west with our new court facility.

Support ban

As an ex-smoker, I strongly support a smoking ban in public places because of the well-proven health hazards from second-hand smoke. To those who say this is an individual business's choice, I say it's no more an individual choice than deciding how fast one can drive on a highway without limit. When a person's actions can have such a negative effect on others, the others need to be protected.

Slightly sarcastic

Now I'm really worried. How is my child going to do well on the religious section of the CSAP without the Bible class?!

No to smoking ban

Taking a smoking ban to an election is just wasting money. It's up to individuals if they want to smoke.

Ross right on

Tom Ross is right on target when he takes exception to a bumper sticker that reads, "Sierra Club Sucks." Such an announcement only serves to add to the vitriol and divisiveness that plagues American society today. Whether you agree with the Sierra Club's politics, its overall goal of preserving and protecting our country's national treasures and resources is certainly a worthy one, and a patriotic one, too. After all, what could be more patriotic than, in the tradition of Theodore Roosevelt, working to preserve our nation's rich and beautiful wild lands for future generations of Americans?

Protect nonsmokers

I support a citywide no-smoking ordinance to protect the public from second-hand smoke. Smokers have the right to smoke, and I have the right to be protected from their smoke.

Don't wait 'til November

No. A smoking ban should be implemented now.

Too obvious for vote

This is an idea whose time has been here. The Council's ban would be acting in the best interest of the community, based on the volumes of studies conducted on the public health hazards of second-hand smoke. Council does not need to take this to the voters any more than it needs to ask us if we want clean water.

No vote, no campaigns

I am writing to support a smoke-free community, which helps to protect the health and well-being of the whole community. A smoke-free ordinance ensures that people seeking employment do not have to choose between their health and having a job. Employees do not necessarily want to breathe second-hand smoke, but they also have to make a living. The concern with putting the issue to a vote in November, is that this requires financing. When it comes to money, the tobacco companies still have an upper hand and can finance advertisement and lobbying. The finances of those wishing to protect health soon are drained.

Gracias, ladies

Thank you to all the women who worked so hard all winter to have a Spanish fund-raiser. The turnout was huge and it was a big success. It speaks volumes about how important a Spanish program is.

Deed-restricted trap

Your recent article regarding our local housing authority left me wondering, are these properties deed-restricted? Will these families be trapped forever in a government project or will they be allowed to live the American dream?

Immigrants a problem

Cal Thomas, in "The Weakest Spot," (Steamboat Today, April 7), criticizes the Bush administration for failing to stop illegal aliens from invading our nation. He asks, how will the government ever justify not being more vigilant if there is ever a terrorist attack? I ask you, the editors of our newspaper, how will you justify the problems in our community caused by the lawbreakers invading our county? Do you ever plan to do your job?

Ban not needed

I'm a nonsmoker here in Steamboat, and I feel that the restaurants have banned smoking on a voluntary basis and they haven't lost customers. I don't feel it should be put to a vote. It's up to the businesses and the customers to relay their opinions to the restaurants.

Hire more teachers

Am I to understand correctly that we are losing another teacher because the Montessori program has decided to expand to a higher grade level? Why can't we keep the number of teachers we have, which isn't enough already, and add another teacher?

Ban protects workers

As far as voting on a citywide smoking ban, City Council should make the decision. Employers have a history of not protecting employees. This is a case where government should step in and take the decision out of employers' hands to protect their workers.

Vote unnecessary

No. I don't think we need to go to the extent of a vote. City Council should be concerned with public health in our community and pass a smoke-free ordinance without it going to ballot, just like they do with other public health and safety issues.

Mud season extinct?

I hope the developers, those who actually might live here in Steamboat Springs, have as much trouble crossing Lincoln Avenue as I do. It won't be long before the phrase "mud season" will be gone from our daily lives.

Smoking not a problem

No, I don't think the city-wide smoking ban should be put to a vote in November. I don't see it as a real problem, and I think that places of business can make their own decisions.

Leave ban to businesses

No, there should not be a smoking ban on the ballot or passed by City Council. I think our business owners are doing a responsible job as it is.


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