Everyone will be there

Soundfield to entertain mud season crowd


Unless you are in Vail watching Snoop Dogg or in Mexico watching the beach and ocean show, Soundfield is the only thing going Saturday night in sleepy, mud season Steamboat Springs.

Which is to say, everyone will be there.

Soundfield plays an obscure form of music called straight up rock 'n' roll. No long jams. No long line of effect pedals. Just good old-fashioned, why aren't you dancing, party rock.

This is Soundfield's first time in Steamboat even though the band members live in Vail.

"We've been trying to come to Steamboat for years," keyboard player Leeds Butcher said. They sent a four-song demo called "Hello" to music promoter Julian Farmer in 2001 pitching their band for the Steamboat audience.

Last summer, Farmer was cleaning out a cabinet and stumbled across it -- three years after it was sent.

Farmer called and offered the band a gig at Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill.

"We're finally getting over there," Butcher said.

Soundfield has been together almost 10 years, playing every venue in and around Vail.

"The expectations have really changed over those 10 years," Butcher said. "The reality of the music industry really sunk in.

"We're still playing music, but now it's all about the fun and making sure people have a good time."

The first half of a Sound--field show is based on original tunes influenced by bands such as the Allman Brothers.

"We focus on catchy melody lines in the vocals and a driving rhythm section," Butcher said. "Our goal is to have people walk out of the bar and to be humming the songs."

The second half of a Soundfield show is all covers from bands such as The Radiators, the Freddy Jones Band and Widespread Panic.

"It's just a good time," Butcher said. "And it's a good time to come out. It's the end of the season. Most people are getting ready to go on vacation. We'll make it a good local's show."


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