Soundoff for April 10


Capitalize 'pope'

Obviously whoever does your Sunday newspaper doesn't understand that pope needs to be capitalized, and I am certain that I am not the only person who will call on that one. That is just a criminal mistake. Also, I hope we have seen the last of Ms. Dye's letters to the editor, because she obviously doesn't get it. If our high school can have a gay and lesbian club, then I do not know why they shouldn't have a Bible study.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Associated Press Stylebook advises newspapers to capitalize "pope" when used as a formal title before a name and to lowercase in all other uses. The Pilot & Today applied this rule correctly in the Sunday, April 3 edition.

Traffic light suggestions

I don't think that the traffic light at 131 and U.S. Highway 40 is necessary. I do think that it would be nice if we had more signage controlling the lanes on U.S. 40. I do think we need to update the traffic light at Colorado Highway 129 and U.S. 40. I also think that a good spot for a new light would be at Riverside and U.S. 40.

Report on Oak Creek

I am calling in response to the person who suggested that the Pilot & Today stay out of Oak Creek's business. I can't understand why people can't take a little constructive criticism. We need to know what is going on in our town.

No light needed

No. Just make sure that your accelerate and decelerate lanes work and that your turn lane works. It's a lot cheaper and a lot easier.

Intersection is safe

I don't think a traffic light at 131 and U.S. 40. I have driven that road for many years, and that intersection seems to be quite safe. But the Priest Creek Road that comes off of U.S. 40 needs some work.

Aging school building

The Human Services Center is not 50 years old. It was built in 1917. That's World War I for you history majors. The School Board should sell or trade this property to the city so the city can tear down this fire trap and build a recreation center with a pool and other amenities.

Why half-mast?

I disapprove of the city, county and school district flying the flag at half-staff apparently in relation to the death of the pope. Would they also fly the flag at half-staff in memory of the death of the head of the Mormon Church, or the archbishop of Canterbury, or Bishop Desmond Tutu, or the Rev. Jerry Falwell, or the Rev. Al Sharpton or the Rev. Jesse Jackson? I don't think so.

Hayden chamber gone?

What has happened to the Hayden Chamber of Commerce? There was no Christmas light contest, no more yard of the month, and never any mention of anything they are doing in the newspaper. Are they gone or are they on vacation?

Be kind to dogs

I have a favor to ask of dog owners. As the weather gets warmer and you want to go for a run or a bike ride with your dog, please take into consideration the time of day and temperature. It breaks my heart every spring through summer to see loyal dogs trying to keep up with their owners in very warm weather -- tongues hanging to the ground and lagging behind while being jerked on their leashes to hurry up. Please leave your dogs in the shade and quiet during the heat of the day.

Wrong name

I think it is amazing that Zane Louthan, who lives off of Routt County Road 15, has a team of horses, wagon, cowboy hat, plier holster, overboots and pipe handle pitch fork that look identical to the ones you pictured on the front page of the April 4 issue of Steamboat Today, claiming they belonged to a Thane Gray.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The caller is correct. The man in the photo is Zane Louthan.


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