Charlene Stees: Big Brother :


Have you ever heard the saying, "I'm from your government, and I'm here to help you"?

The City Council's decision to mull a ban on smoking reeks of Big Brother, and infringes upon our rights as private citizens. What next, if they tell us we can't smoke in public, will they next ban French fries as being greasy and not good for our health or tell us we have to drive a certain brand of car because they look good in our community?

I would like to have City Council members check all public places, cafes, bars and businesses and find out exactly how many are already smoke-free, and not to rely on a group of "SmokeFree Steamboat" people for the answer to that question.

I also thought that City Council was elected to represent the feelings and ideals of all the residents, not just a minority group. Instead, I get the feeling we are all supposed to act like a band of sheep and follow the leaders in whatever they say or do. Apparently, they don't think we have the brains to make a free choice decision on our own.

You know what? If I'm a smoker and want to go into a restaurant that doesn't allow smoking, I have the choice of going somewhere else. If I'm a nonsmoker and go into a place that allows smoking, I also can make a choice and go some where else. But apparently in Steamboat, we have seven people on City Council who think we aren't smart enough to make a simple choice.

Last I heard, tobacco was still a legal substance. Are you going to ban chew as well? Maybe we'll all have to take up chewing instead of smoking?

Charlene Stees

Steamboat Springs


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