On Scene for April 8


Glorious Gossard

Gloria Gossard (Class of 1944) was featured this month in the alumni magazine for Colorado College for her contribution to the arts community in Steamboat Springs and the rest of Colorado.

Gossard has been a major contributor to Strings in the Mountains, Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp and the Steamboat Springs Arts Council.

"We have never turned down a kid for the Kaleidoscope program, because of Gloria's help," Arts Council Executive Director Nancy Kramer said. "She also supported a project to build two beautiful benches when Eleanor (Bliss) died -- and not only supports our programming but is always willing to be part of the discussion about the concept."

Tyler's turmoil

For those of you who followed Tamika Tyler's progress on the USA Network TV program "Nashville Star" after she played here at the Hilltop Bar and Grill, Tyler sent an e-mail clarifying some of her on-camera controversy. Tyler was the fourth contestant to be kicked off the show in last week's episode.

According to the e-mail:

"To set the record straight, I have believed from the beginning that all the contestants are very talented and that all of them rightfully earned their place on the show.

"During the March 22 episode, some viewers got the wrong impression about a meeting among the contestants. There were, in fact, two separate meetings. The one organized by Tamika was a prayer meeting to help the contestants deal with the stress of the show and their sadness over Christy's elimination.

"Tamika's prayer meeting ... has been confused with another meeting, which may have taken place on different day, at which the producers of the show asked Casey and Erica Jo about their relative inexperience compared to some of the other contestants.

"Because of the way the episode was edited, some viewers concluded that Tamika called the meeting about the contestants' experience.

"In the video clip before her performance, Tamika talked about her prayer meeting, mentioning the 'long road' she has been on as a way of saying she understands how difficult and trying the experience is for all the contestants. In neither meeting did she say nor mean to imply that the younger contestants were in any way less deserving of their place among the finalists."

Now we know.

-- Autumn Phillips


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