Group offers worship in song


When Sheryl Thomas was a waitress, she hated to work on Sundays. Church would let out, and the families would file into the restaurant dressed in their best clothes.

They would hold hands and make a big show of praying. They would say "Amen" and then commence to order her around and treat her as if she was barely human.

When members of the Zoe Group perform tonight at the Christian Heritage Church fund-raiser, they plan to address this kind of Christianity.

"I believe when Jesus came, his biggest problem was with religious people," lead singer Brandon Scott Thomas said. "He said, 'Your lips are close to me, but your hearts are far from me.' That describes how a lot of Christians are for me. They are punching the card on Sundays, but have they really embraced the life of Christ?"

The Zoe Group is a nine-member group famous for its a capella versions of praise music.

Only five members will be here tonight, and they will be mixing some instrumental music into the performance to make up for the missing voices.

The Zoe Group's main function is leading worship services at churches and retreats across the country.

"Our goal is worship renewal for churches whose music and worship is flat and old," Thomas said. "Sometimes, people need to be reminded that the spiritual life is not about following rules, it's about finding God.

And worship is not just singing, it's a way of life."


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