Sound Off for April 3


That was a great cartoon published last Sunday, a bird's eye view of MacArthur mess. The piles of gravel are a mess.

Cartoon disclaimer

It seems some people really get angry about your cartoons. Perhaps underneath each cartoon you should declare "please do not take this drawing as a logical presentation of the facts involved."

Protection needed

Commenting on the Oak Creek police situation, I think it's time to move. I have been here for more than 25 years. Now, we have no professional police protection, and we have a new subdivision being built and a lot more people coming in with just one officer who is not fully qualified. I want professional protection.

Stay out of our business

Your commentary about the Oak Creek Police Department completely missed the mark. Yes, we have had turnover, but that is to be expected in a town our size. The town is working hard to make sure we have a good police department. Your editorial and your articles aren't helping. The newspaper never has a decent thing to say about Oak Creek. I suggest you stay out of our business.

Parking worse

The parking downtown is getting worse. I thought that because it was after Easter, the tourists had gone home. But when we went out to dinner Friday night, we couldn't find a place to park, and we couldn't find a restaurant that wasn't packed. I want my town back.

Give us stoplight

A stoplight at Highway 131 and U.S. 40? Yes, yes, yes. It's about time.

Opportunity for schools

The people who are so upset about teaching the Bible in the high school need to settle down. This would be an elective course. No one is forcing your child to do anything. Practice whatever religion you want at home. This is an opportunity for our schools.

Wrong to teach Bible

I don't want the Bible taught at a high school that I support with my tax dollars. It's just wrong.


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