Sound off for Sept. 26


Mayor's speech

This is Cargo Rodeman. All I said at the get-out-the-vote party that could possibly be construed as "gutter profanity" is that, if you "don't vote, don't bitch" and that statistics prove that if all the apathetic buttheads banned together, they would represent more votes than either major party. You can hear worse than that on most cartoons. I love children, my daughter helped me write this speech, and I apologize for offending anyone. Hopefully, the person who called in to Sound Off is a voter, and the important message of this event was not lost. The last day to register to vote is Oct. 4.

Don't pick on Cargo

I noticed your paper couldn't wait to take another crack at Cargo. I will never buy your paper again.

Eldridge wrong

Your letter to the Pilot & Today this week was the most inappropriate analogy I have ever read. If the letter writer would just bring his thinking up-to-date he would realize that the Greek government reached for gold with their Olympic construction only to drive their constituents into huge debt -- potentially bankrupting their country. Personally, I found the accusations disgusting. I am a resident of Steamboat, a member of the Friends of the Justice Center and have no commercial property in Steamboat Springs, downtown or anywhere. I am not a stalking horse for anyone. I travel the world, and I can see the good and bad of political management and mismanagement of our environment. Get out and look at the real world. Put the Justice Center where it belongs -- downtown.

Regarding Lance Eldridge's Letter to the Editor, whew, what a scathing indictment of citizens trying to be involved in the process. Tyrannical nobles? Me? I don't own a business downtown or anywhere else. I am just trying to keep the courthouse in the center of our community, where our forefathers put it and where people like me can walk to it. I don't even know what "political sophistry" means. I thought I was simply informing the county commissioners of what I think. Now my efforts and those of other concerned citizens are characterized by Mr. Eldridge as not helpful. The elected officials, he says, know what's best, apparently without public input. Whew again. I also think the library should be relocated in the old junior high school building where people can walk to it -- don't get me started.

Varying views on CDOT

I just can't believe that in this town, there are a few people who are concerned with whether CDOT informed or notified the city of Steamboat of its intent to erect a shelter. Why aren't we concerned with all the poor or dangerous drivers in this town? For example, at Third Street between Lincoln and Oak, how many U-turns are made there each day? I would even venture to say that 75 percent of the traffic is speeding. People, these are real issues to be concerned with. Besides, that bubble looks good -- clean and white.

Absolutely CDOT should have gone through the city process. That dome is an eyesore.

Absolutely, CDOT should have gone through the process. Being a business owner in town, we couldn't think of doing anything without getting approval. The fact that CDOT can put up this huge eyesore that also blocks the view of the traffic light as you are coming down Routt County Road 129 to U.S. Highway 40 is sad. They say it's temporary. I'll believe that when I see it.

No, CDOT should not have to go through the city process. If CDOT had, the city would have made them build something that costs more than all the sand they'll ever spread out of that building.

I think it's refreshing to see something that the city cannot micromanage. Go, CDOT.

Election politics

Doug Monger has a new best friend, Cheriene Marchus. Make no mistake, Doug will be re-elected with a split Republican ticket unless people vote for Fry. I also have noticed the increasing free campaigning Nancy Stahoviak has received from the Steamboat Pilot & Today. I wonder if her opponent, Mike Kien, will have to break his back or come down with cancer to get some publicity. He sure has my vote.

District too top heavy

The Steamboat Springs School District is the most "top heavy" it has ever been. We have more directors and high paid administrators than ever before, and their compensation package is far more extensive than teachers and staff. The professionals that are in the trenches working with children, parents and ever-changing expectations, need to be recognized for the hard work they do. An increase in pay beyond simple cost-of-living allowance would be appropriate.

Not guilty vs. innocent

I'm wondering why your newspaper always states that a criminal brought before court is innocent of charges. Clearly, the paper should be aware that there is no plea of innocent. A plea is guilty or not guilty, and not guilty is not the same thing as innocent. Perhaps your paper should talk to some of the lawyers in town and it might reflect more accurately.

Editor's Note: The newspaper follows the Associated Press Stylebook in choosing the words it uses. The stylebook recommends using "innocent" to guard against the "not" being inadvertently dropped from a "not guilty" plea.


id04sp 9 years, 2 months ago


You need to spend about $1,000 on display ads in the Pilot. That's how it works.


packey 9 years, 2 months ago

this is more of a question. How do we get a write up about a new business in the area? I will be entering into the steamboat market with a lawn and grounds service company this spring and would like to see what it would take to get a write up about this business in the paper. My phone is 970-824-3176 or 970-819-6500 I will be bringing 12+ years of grounds experience and turf management expertice to the area.


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