Band to play surf music at Rio Grande


Doug Mouton first discovered the sound of surf music while watching the Bones Brigade skateboarding videos as a teenager.

As Tony Hawk, Tommy Guerrero and Steve Caballero skated in pools and homemade ramps, The Factions' "Skate and Destroy" and Johnny Rad played in the background.

Throughout the '80s, Mouton and his heroes skated to the sounds of bands such as Agent Orange, whose brand of punk rock was heavily influenced by surf music.

Mouton didn't forget the "twangy guitar and fuzz effects" of surf music when he was 26 years old and finally picked up a pair of drumsticks.

"I always played the trombone, and my mom wouldn't let me play the drums," he said. "By the time I was on my own, I had to wait until the point when I was settled and not moving around."

He started playing the drums and was in a band within two months.

He played in a surf music band in Fort Collins with guitar player Jay Clear and a rotating number of other band members.

The Surftones, as they were called, ran the guitar through various effects, including a jury-rigged reel-to-reel Jay found at the local thrift store.

Mouton will be playing with The Fabulous Surftones on Saturday night. The gig is the first reunion of Mouton and Clear's Fort Collins band. The current incarnation will include local bassist Greg Anaple, who also plays in Liquid.

The band plays instrumental, guitar-driven covers of Dick Dale, Link Wray, The Ventures and The Safaris.

Now 36, Mouton is the manager of the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant in Steamboat, one in a chain of restaurants started by his older brothers.

"The Rio really has its roots in music," Mouton said. "My brothers would work at the restaurant and then play music gigs at other places after it closed at night."

Mouton moved to Steamboat Springs with his wife in February 2002 to open the Rio.

At first, the Rio in Steamboat followed the chain's formula of closing at 10 p.m., but after years in this town, Mouton decided he would like to try something new.

Starting in August, the restaurant began staying open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, in an attempt to host live music every Saturday.

"To me, being a musician, this seemed like a good opportunity," Mouton said. "I really missed playing drums, and this is a chance to bring that back into my life."

Mouton's other band, The Plagiarists, most likely will have its debut performance on Halloween at the Rio.

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