Sound Off for Sept. 19


Post office plants

I wonder why the landscaping at the post office is not being watered and taken care of. Trees have been allowed to die. Crabapples in the median planter need trimming. Flowerbeds are dried up and are mostly weed patches. This important public facility deserves better. Its condition gives a bad impression to residents and visitors. The postmaster should insist that the property owner replace the dead trees and maintain the grounds properly.

Special interests

When the ethics-less City Council majority voted to let only 200 to 300 voters decide the 2 percent local marketing district tax in November, it changed a fundamental of our freedom -- from "Of the People, By the People, For the People" to "Of the Chamber Resort Association, By the Ethics-less City Council majority, For Council member Connell's Customers." They claim that because this will benefit the whole community, Connell has no conflict of interest in voting for this even though their own Code of Ethics specifically bans it. How come the real judges of what's good for the community, the voters, can't vote on this major tax instead of just a small special interest group?

Unnecessary banter

At the voter registration "party" at Slopeside Grill last Saturday afternoon, with an audience that included children, it was inspiring to hear the esteemed mayor of Oak Creek deliver a plea for community involvement and "get out and vote" rhetoric laced with gutter profanity. We don't need that delivery in Steamboat.

Boycotting marketplace

With all the discussion of trying to preserve our downtown, which is truly a treasure, why would the developer of Wildhorse Marketplace try to compete with our little movie theater? And we don't need any more coffee shops. I will not go to the marketplace.

Appreciate teachers

As a concerned parent, I want the community to know what the School Board has done. Two director positions got $10,000 raises, and the superintendent got a $5,000 raise this year. The teachers still haven't gotten their contracts, and they're set to get only a 0.88 percent raise. That's just not OK. I think our community needs to get behind the teachers and really work so they can get paid what they should get paid.

Vote for Randall

If the election were held today, I would vote for Richard Randall, the Libertarian.

My choice: Salazar

Ken Salazar is an accomplished public servant. He's also a businessman whose hands are dirty -- he's raised potatoes. He' s a good man. Peter Coors, on the other hand, comes from a spoon-fed family. He's only in this race for the lack of anyone else who wanted to run for the Republicans. Thus, I will clearly vote for Salazar as he is obviously the best choice for Colorado.

Props to photographer

I wish to compliment Tyler Arroyo for the front-page photo on Friday of the gentleman catching the fish. What a wonderful picture. As always, Tyler does a great job with the pictures that are posted in the paper, and I think he doesn't get enough recognition. Thanks, Tyler.


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