New Craig nursing home has capacity for 58 residents


A new nursing home has set up shop at the site of the former Valley View Manor building, and Sand Rock Ridge Care and Rehabilitation is almost ready to open its doors.

"There are so many people who have had their lives disrupted," Administrator Mitch Friedman said of the closure of Craig's only nursing home last year. "It has been a strong inconvenience."

In August 2003, 39 residents of the former nursing home were forced to move out of the facility and about 60 staff members lost jobs.

But Craig investors purchased the building and site that is being managed by Homestead Inc. And the new facility has undergone a makeover that goes beyond new management and ownership.

Walls are freshly painted and new carpeting lines the floors of the entire building. An addition complements the dining area and outdoor landscaping has included more trees and other features.

A health inspection is scheduled this month. A state inspection of the sprinkler and fire prevention measures have been approved, Friedman said.

About 40 prospective residents are on the list to live at the nursing home, about 15 of whom are previous residents.

Friedman said he gets a least a few calls a day in anticipation of the facility's opening.

"Hopefully we'll be able to announce soon when we'll be opening," he said in late August.

Friedman said previously that he couldn't commit to an opening date but the facility should open "late summer to early fall."

After combing local applicants, officials at Sand Rock Ridge are looking regionally for one more applicant to fill a nursing position.

The facility can house 58 residents and at full occupancy will require a staff of 65. Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance residents will be admitted.

"We are getting a lot of response from people who want to live here," Friedman said.


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