Soundoff for Sept. 5


Step aside

Steamboat has one of the most overbuilt hotel and motel industries in all of the resort areas. Here we have one of our city councilwomen who has a big stake in the lodging industry, going to vote Tuesday, I guess on this tax district to benefit the hotel industry. There are many other ways we could use tax money from the city. I think Kathy Connell has a real conflict of interest in this vote and should recuse herself from this vote.

Bigger Steamboat

I would say Steamboat Springs would still be larger, for sure, than Hayden in 10 years.

What about Craig?

Some people are saying there will be 15,000 people in Hayden in 10 years. If that happens, Hayden will be bigger than Steamboat. I think Craig will be bigger than both of them.


I'd say that the Combined Airports Now LLC spokesman has something to hide. It seems like he is backpedaling pretty hard on the group's statement that they want a ballot issue. All of a sudden, when the group is supposed to air its laundry in public, he is backpedaling.

Remember old-timers

The new ranch section of the Steamboat Pilot & Today was great, but try to keep it for the ranchers and the families who have been here for more than 20 years. I was thrilled when it first came out. It explained the struggles and hardships to keep a ranch working. But, as usual, in the second edition a hobby rancher appeared. He had moved here from the city and wanted to ranch, and this is why traditional ranchers and farmers can't afford land or to stay in business.

Dump Dowd, Reagan

I don't have any use for Maureen Dowd or Michael Reagan. My advice? Stop running both of them.

Sounds fishy

Let's see. The lodging tax would be imposed on all the hotels in the city, but only 300 people will get to vote? It sounds fishy to me. The City Council needs to make it a citywide vote. That's the only way for it to be fair


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