Tina Kyprios: Backing President Bush


The last-minute scramble for voter registration is complete, and all that's left is the deciding. Apparently, many new voters have registered because there is so much at stake. Of course, it seems that's the case every time, but we also know that this great nation of ours will survive either candidate -- the real question is what will the world look like in four years. And this is where the candidates differ the most.

Don't allow yourself to be distracted by the myriad domestic issues on the table -- health care, education, environment, energy, etc. President Bush has been quite liberal on these issues during the past four years -- far outspending the previous administration.

The key issue this election is which candidate will most effectively continue the fight against terrorism. Here are the top three criticisms thrown at this administration:

1. Bush misled us into Iraq with threats of weapons of mass destruction. Refer to statements of John Kerry, who not only voted for this war, but in 1998, under Bill Clinton, called for a regime change in Iraq.

2. Bush rushed us into the war; we should have built a larger coalition. This is offensive to every nation -- including Italy, Spain and Poland -- that has joined us in this struggle, and have lost loved ones as a result. Yes, we are bearing the vast majority of the cost -- we are a super power and must endure the responsibility as such.

3. Iraq distracted us from the real war in Afghanistan. Today in Afghanistan there is real progress toward democracy. Of course there is still a struggle, and there are still American soldiers on the ground directly involved in that struggle. But all the evidence -- including the latest tape from senior al queda operative Zawahri -- suggests that al-Qaida is on the ropes, and that the largest battle correctly continues in Iraq. To focus on Osama bin Laden, regardless of how satisfying it will be to capture him, is like focusing on capturing the Japanese admiral in charge of Pearl Harbor.

"To take no notice of a violent attack is to strengthen the heart of the enemy." Consider the response to the numerous attacks before Sept. 11, 2001. How many of us on Sept. 12 could imagine that we would go more than three years without another attack on our soil. The battles are still waging and we are winning -- Bush has made it clear that he will not waver in this fight against terrorism. That's the leadership we need for the next four years.

Tina Kyprios

Steamboat Springs


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